Ron Lee Delights Kaleidoscope Fans around the World

The term kaleidoscope originated from a Greek phrase loosely translated as “to look at beautiful forms”. You may remember your days as a child playing with kaleidoscopes and spending countless hours staring into the plastic tube, watching colors and shapes take form before your eyes, wondering how in the world it happened.

Today, there are a few stand-out kaleidoscope makers who have turned a child’s toy into magnificent works of art, and can custom make beautiful themed pieces for kids and adults alike, from a variety of materials like wood or marble. Among the more prominent examples, you will find Ron Lee kaleidoscopes.

One of Ron Lee’s particular themes stands out among his collection, as he has recreated well-known lighthouses and replicated them as kaleidoscopes. With lighthouses from Nubble, Maine to St. Augustine, Florida, Ron Lee kaleidoscopes are especially appealing to those intrigued by the nautical lifestyle.

These pieces look strikingly similar to the full-size lighthouses they were inspired by, and even have the town and state in which they are located hand-written on the bottom. Filled with beautiful and bright acrylic beads, these kaleidoscopes are great for gazing into, or simply used as an accent piece in a nautical-themed room.

Kaleidoscopes have come a long way from what we remember as children, and are a wonderfully nostalgic gift for yourself or a loved one.

Ron Lee Kaleidoscopes

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