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Kaleidoscope Gifts for Everyone’s Shopping List!

There’s a chill in the air and the snow is beginning to fall. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. You know what that means; holiday shopping! Start crossing names off your holiday shopping list with help from KaleidoscopesToYou.com. At Kaleidoscopes To You we have gifts for everyone on your list!

Mom ” Give mom a gift she can carry with her always, a beautiful kaleidoscope necklace. Choose from stunning pieces made of silver, genuine Swarovski Crystals, antique pewter and more. Much like a real kaleidoscopes, the chambers of our kaleidoscope necklaces are filled with glass beads, so when you take a peek inside you see wonderful colors and shapes.

Dad ” In addition to dad’s yearly bottle of wine, give him one of our wooden wine accessories. Choose from handcrafted wine stoppers, corkscrews, foil cutters, drip catchers and more. Dad will love showing off these fantastic wine accessories on his bar.

Brother ” If your brother is fascinated with building things then a kaleidoscope kit is the perfect present! Check out our new Galactic Kaleidoscopes Kit, which allows children to fill the kaleidoscopes chamber with planes and stars, providing for endless amounts of imagination and stargazing!

Sister ” Your sister will enjoy taking notes with this handcrafted custom kaleidoscope pen! Available in three colors: lime green, pink, and teal green, peer inside of this unique pen for a colorful, one of a kind view.

For more holiday gift ideas, visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com. We’re your source for one of a kind kaleidoscope gifts and more!

Wow Dad This Father’s Day with Kaleidoscopes & Teleidoscopes

You know Dad. It’s hard to shop for him. You want to get him something unique that he’ll appreciate and enjoy this year. But you’re out of ideas and you’ve taken to the internet to find something special. And although it’s not a traditional Father’s Day gift, you can imagine Dad sitting in a chair, playing with a kaleidoscope when no one’s looking. You know he’ll find some time to sneak off and gaze through a teleidoscope after a long day. So why not give him something as unique as his personality?

Our hand-crafted kaleidoscopes are achievements in quality woodworking and mirror systems will provide Dad with unlimited hours of color visions and experiences. Our teleidoscopes turn everyday objects into kaleidoscopic subjects. Just point the teleidoscope at anything you want, and the image you see through the eyepiece will become the focus of the kaleidoscopic motion. From egg-shaped kaleidoscopes to laminated wooden teleidoscopes, we’ve got the best kaleidoscopic presents for Dad. Don’t forget our handmade wooden wine stoppers, foil cutters, and drip catchers, expertly crafted from rich woods. We also offer 1 ½ inch Signed Glass Marbles from Fritz Glass, decorated internally with rainbow belts.

So this Father’s Day, don’t make Dad settle for a gift certificate or another DVD. Give him something unique from our Father’s Day collection at KaliedoscopesToYou.com.