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Kinetic Art Mobiles Make Intriguing Gifts

There are times when you may be at a loss for gift ideas, but kinetic art mobiles provide amazing gift ideas for people from a variety of interests and backgrounds. If you don’t want to spend money on a piece of equipment that will be quickly set aside, beautiful Hotchkiss Mobiles are exceptional choices that will provide your gift recipients with exquisite pieces of home décor. These stunning pieces of artwork serve as captivating displays for people of all ages.

Finding a great gift for a parent can be challenging, but if you have a parent who loves intriguing artwork or interesting decorative items, kinetic art mobiles are perfect! They can be displayed in just about any room, and the captivating combination of elegant design elements and motion makes a mobile a soothing piece to observe. Hotchkiss mobiles are recognized in museum galleries, created by Joel Hotchkiss since 1976. These attractive pieces are wonderful conversation pieces, exceptional gifts for those who love contemporary art. Of course, a mobile is a fun item to use in distracting a young child, making these exquisite designs interesting choices in gifts for new parents. They are equally appreciated by architects and school teachers, worthy of giving or purchasing for use in your own home.

The Beauty of Kinetic Art Mobiles

If you love unique art accents for your home, then you will be thrilled with the beautiful kinetic art mobiles available from Kaleidoscopes to You. The site specializes in many fine pieces that are meant to intrigue while accenting a decorative environment and the kinetic art mobiles are some of the most captivating choices available. The artistic individual will love the many shape and color choices found. The inquisitive adult or child will be captivated by the motion of each piece in a mobile.

The particularly creative Hotchkiss mobile designs are excellent for those who love modern art. Varied sizing, color and shape choices within a mobile create just the right sense of balance and whimsy. The Hotchkiss mobile designs are the work of a renowned mobile artist, Joel Hotchkiss, who has been creating unique designs for both residential and commercial use since the early 1980s. The award-winning studio has received special recognition as a Best of New England gallery from Yankee Magazine. The designs of the artist are available in many fine arts shops and museums around the country. The kinetic art designs of Hotchkiss are ideal as housewarming, holiday and birthday gifts for individuals who love beautiful accents.