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What’s New At Kaleidoscopes To You This June?

New Kaleidosocopes

You’ve been looking forward to the arrival of June for a variety of reasons, many of which include warmer days, the opening of your swimming pool and summer vacations. However, we both know that priority numero uno is the unveiling of the newest kaleidoscopes from KaleidscopesToYou.com! Never one to disappoint, June’s batch is here and sure to get your color wheel spinning.  This month’s collection of new kaleidoscopes includes:

Stained Glass Kaleidoscope, “Pod in Orange # 10” – This unique stained glass kaleidoscope is the first in a wonderful new “K Pod Series” by artist Charles Karadimos.

Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes “Serendipity # 59 “ – This unique work of art by artist Sue Rioux is a must-have for every kaleidoscope collector. “Serendipity #59” isn’t your ordinary kaleidoscope. It features two separate mirror systems; all housed in one beautiful stained glass and dichroic glass kaleidoscope sculpture, with the object cell a barrel design.

Vintage Kaleidoscope VanCort Reproduction # 1784 – Ahoy, Matey! If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece as a decoration for your home or to supplement your collection, this elegant reproduction of the Bush parlor kaleidoscope by Van Cort Instruments is prefect!

Butterfly Mariposa in Stained Glass – Artist Sue Rioux’s genius knows no bounds as evidenced by this elegant blue dichroic glass butterfly creation.  This butterfly mariposa iridescent stained glass kaleidoscope is a must-have for any butterfly fan!

Vintage Kaleidoscope “Burgundy Dry Cell” – If vintage artwork is your forte than this beautiful early 1980’s kaleidoscope by artists Peach Reynolds will make the perfect addition to your collection.

At KaleidoscopesToYou.com we’re always on the search for the best and brightest kaleidoscopes. Check back often, as we update our selection frequently throughout the month!