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Peggy’s amazing technicolor world of glass!

In early October, we had a wonderful afternoon on the Northeast Iowa Artists Tour. Our destination and purpose was the art glass and kaleidoscope studio of Peggy and Steve Kittleson.

We are always amazed by hot glass work. Peggy allowed us to take video which is hosted on YouTube.
Peggy Kittleson Lampworking Glass

On this gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we had the opportunity to learn the back story on Mystic Resolution and its full inspiration. Watch here.

This Mystic Resolution Parlor Kaleidoscope by Peggy and Steve Kittleson is a rare kaleidoscope limited to only 5 pieces. The one shown here is #4 in the series of 5.

August 2011 What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You

Summertime may quiet and relaxing at times, but this August has been full of activity at Kaleidoscopes To You.

Each month we create a new section on our website that features new scopes or items that have arrived or been unearthed from a quiet corner here. This August, we have so much beautiful new items, it is hard to squeeze them into a short narrative here! Here’s a quick recap of 3 of the new pieces.

Most recent piece here is Cherry Blossom by Kittleson. We received #6 of the edition and it is absolutely extraordinary. The delicate sculpted Cherry Blossom inside. The fused and slumped Cherry Blossoms on the exterior barrel are so delicate and exquisite, I have writer’s block just trying to find words and adjectives to describe it. Thankfully, we have some YouTube video so you can watch and enjoy.

YouTube Video of Cherry Blossom Kaleidoscope by Kittlesons

Equally delicate and precise is the Bronze Hibiscus Kaleidoscope by Yasuko Nakazato. I hand picked a lovely kaleidoscope by Yasuko at the Brewster Kaleidoscope Convention and the image of it has been so popular, that we have reordered more than once this summer. Each kaleidoscope by Yasuko is just as spectacular as the one before it.



Wishes is a new kaleidoscope designed by Sue Rioux. Sue’s dichroic and fused glass creates all the components of a well engineered barrels. Then she adds the magic of dichroic glass into the mirror system. It’s as if you stuffed all of your Wishes inside this magical kaleidoscope.

Now, before you start thinking that all we do is play with kaleidoscopes, let me update you on our remodel! The warehouse is fabulous (especially with efficient insulation and central air conditioning!) and we are settling in and getting shelves organized and labeled. The old warehouse space is sealed, painted and getting scrubbed so the floor can be resealed. We are looking forward to having all of our workspaces within one collaboration space.

Karl and I are used to being at opposite ends of 2 joined buildings, so this could be interesting as I move about 20 feet away from his workspace.

Keep checking back to see the final offices as we have antique church stained glass windows that we are going to incorporate into this space.

And the summer temps have started to cool down and we are very dry here in North Iowa. School even started yesterday so autumn is right around the corner!