Did you have a Kaleidoscope as a Kid?

We love to ask customers as they enter our store Kaleidoscopes To You. Did you have a Kaleidoscope as a Kid. many of us have fond memories of these Magical colorful toys. In our unToy Kaleidoscopesofficial polling we have found that only about 20% of the people we have talked to over the years remember getting a kaleidoscope or having a fiend that had one. Many people commented on usually receiving many of these usually around Christmas time. I had one as a kid and it was one of my favorite toys. I fondly remember the magical colors this unique toy produced. I remember one day deciding to saw into my cardboard toy and see how these images were produced. I remember actually being disappointed that there was no really complex parts and i shook the tin mirror system out and looked around to see if i lost a special part. Years later the magic is not lost for me I have found that there are not only toy versions still being made but there is a renaissance of artistic models many of which are quite beautiful and produce awe inspiring images.

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