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5 Eclectic Graduation Gifts

Finding the right gift for a college graduate can be difficult, especially one that matches their personality. This can be especially true for those graduates who may not be interested in money, a fancy pen set, frames, and other traditional graduation gifts. That is why we have collected 5 eclectic graduation gifts for unique college students who would appreciate less traditional gifts.

1. Kaleidoscopes

” A beautifully crafted wooden kaleidoscope would be the perfect gift for any graduate who enjoys art or anything unique and fun. KaleidoscopesToYou.com also offers the ability to engrave the wooden kaleidoscopes with the graduate’s name, school or year of graduation.

7.5 Brass and Rose Wood Wheel Kaleidoscope

7.5" Brass and Rose Wood Wheel Kaleidoscope

2. Art Glass Marbles

” KaleidoscopesToYou.com also offers hand blown art glass marbles. Once again, a personal and unique gift for a graduate who appreciates art, or maybe blows glass as a hobby.

3. Weekend Getaway

” Maybe you know a graduate who already has everything, and doesn’t need any knick knacks or sentimental items. For that graduate, we would recommend a weekend getaway. Depending on the graduate, this could include a weekend in the woods, camping or hiking, or maybe a trip to a museum they always wanted to see, or just a weekend on the beach to relax before the reality of working full-time kicks in. No matter what they are doing, the graduate will be very appreciative of such a fun, thoughtful and personal graduation gift.

4. Spruce Up the Apartment

” If the college grad you know is moving out of mom and dad’s house and into their own place, offer your time. Offer to help them move in, or paint the bedroom, even hang shelves or pictures. They will be more than happy to have the extra hands, and even better, they will have a finished apartment to relax in and enjoy that much quicker with your help.

5. Vintage Copy Book or Magazine

” Maybe the college graduate is a book worm that loves to read, or maybe they are going into law school or want to become an author. Whatever the reason, a vintage copy of their favorite book or magazine, or the book that inspired them to write or go to law school, would be a gift they will treasure for the rest of their life.

If you need a gift for a unique or eclectic college graduate, be sure to get a gift that fits their personality and passions. Visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com for a great selection of unique gifts for any occasion.

What was the most memorable graduation gift you received?

Artist Profile and Interview with Sue Rioux

Karl and I here at Kaleidoscopes To You just love our Flip Camera technology. It allows us to capture so much more of the kaleidoscopes that we feature and now we are beginning to capture interviews with artists. This allows you the rare opportunity to learn even more about how and why these kaleidoscopes are so fabulous.

At the most recent Brewster Kaleidoscope Convention, Karl had the opportunity to interview Sue Rioux; a fabulous stained glass artist. During this interview, Sue talks about her work throughout almost 30 years of art. Her training is as sculptor and painting; however her work in the late 70’s is predominantly flat panel stained glass installations. Then Sue saw the brass kaleidoscopes of Janice Chesnik in a gallery in southern California. Sue began using brass tubes with her stained glass to create kaleidoscopes as well and then the glass inspired Sue even more.

Sue’s work since the mid 90’s has been flat panel stained glass construction with beautiful barrels or oil filled barrels for the chambers. Sue also fuses glass and dichroic glass in her kiln to create beautiful components for her kaleidoscope exteriors, barrels and interiors.

Take a look at Miraposa.

Miraposa by Sue Rioux

Miraposa by Sue Rioux

This creation showcases all that is fantastic and unique about Sue Rioux’s kaleidoscopes. The fused and dichroic glass soldered into this exquisite turning barrel.

Miraposa Barrel

Miraposa Barrel

The technique and solid construction of the body and the mirror system.

Miraposa Eyepiece

Miraposa Eyepiece

The vibrant colors.

Miraposa Interior

Miraposa Interior

Signed Glass Marbles

Not just kaleidoscopes, we feature gorgeous Signed Glass Marbles here at Kaleidoscopes To You.
In fact, we offer so many gorgeous one-of-a-kind marbles, we have created an entire section just devoted to Marbles.

Marble artists we started carrying in 2008 are the Mazet Brothers. These 3 brothers work together to create amazing Vortex, Galaxy and whimisical marbles.

Here’s one of my favorites! A dichroic butterfly trapped with the marble.

Mazet Butterfly Marble

Mazet Butterfly Marble

Here’s a link to our YouTube Channel for Kaleidoscopes To You showing this marble in motion.

Then the Mazet Brothers get really crazy with the lampworking on the outside to make some stellar and whimsical paperweights. Take a look at this frog perched atop a Vortex!

Mazet Frog on Vortex

Mazet Frog on Vortex

Here’s some video that shows the size and glimmer within this gorgeous petite glass sculpture.
Mazet Frog on Vortex on YouTube

To experience a kaleidoscope, try our channel on YouTube!

Cosmic by the Parettis on YouTube

Would you like to experience the images of the kaleidoscope? We are doing our best at Kaleidoscopes To You to make that happen including our own channel on YouTube. We hope that you subscribe to us on YouTube! We are kscopes01 on YouTube and