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Introducing December’s New Kaleidoscopes

This holiday season, get your kaleidoscope hobbyists the perfect gift: his or her choice of unique kaleidoscopes from the collection at With perhaps the largest selection of kaleidoscopes of any online retailer, Kaleidoscopes To You offers a selection with prices that can make any gift giver happy. Here are some of our newest kaleidoscopes!

The Doug Johnson piece we have on sale is a beautiful copper vintage kaleidoscope that comes with its own stand and boasts a gorgeous handmade eye that is truly one of a kind.

The Arny Weinstein “Juhachi” piece is a wooden kaleidoscope for people who may be looking for a table centerpiece as well as a fully functioning visual experience.

The Mark Tickle Peek a Boo box is perfect for the kaleidoscope collector who has everything: The stained glass kaleidoscope includes a five point star mandala and a sculpted dragonfly.

These are only a few examples of the incredible selection of kaleidoscopes that we have in inventory from the world’s top artists. We have these as well as many other kaleidoscopes available at some of the best prices on the market. Be sure to come by the website before all of these one of a kind pieces have been picked up this holiday season!

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You – November

This month we have a variety of new products to offer from some of your favorite kaleidoscope artists, including Steve and Peggy Kittelson, John Culver, Joanne Jacobs, and more! Below are some of our favorite new products this month.

1. Goose Egg Art Kaleidoscopes ” Created by Frank Casciani, these egg kaleidoscopes are stunning pieces of artwork. Choose from the blue glitter egg kaleidoscope and the gold glitter egg kaleidoscope.
2. Vintage Marblescope Kaleidoscope ” With amazing detail and beautiful designs, this vintage kaleidoscope by artist John Culver is a beautiful addition to any kaleidoscope collection.
3. Serendipity Stained Glass Kaleidoscope ” Designed by Sue Rioux, this stunning kaleidoscope features two separate mirror systems housed in one sculpture. You’ll love looking through this masterpiece at the beautiful designs.
4. Single Daisy Kaleidoscope ” Spring may be gone, but Steve and Peggy Kittelson want you to be in a spring mood all year long with this single daisy kaleidoscope. Designed using an oil filled cell, and filled with an assortment of glass pieces, this kaleidoscope gives off a beautiful selection of shimmering designs.
5. Spiral Kaleidoscope Necklace ” Kaleidscopes aren’t just for display in your home or office. You can also display them on your neck with this stunning piece of kaleidoscope jewelry by artists Deborah and Kevin Healy.

You can see all of our new products for November at Make sure to check back with us next month to see what new products we have for December.

Introducing October’s Popular New Kaleidoscopes

With the cooler autumn months upon us, everyone starts spending more time indoors, looking for new and exciting activities. Now is the ideal time to browse through the new inventory of new kaleidoscopes at We have many new and different Japanese kaleidoscopes and vintage kaleidoscopes on our pages that we have brought in from all over the United States.

Japanese kaleidoscopes are always popular sellers. Brand new in our inventory are wood wand kaleidoscopes by Japanese artist Sakai. These inexpensive kaleidoscopes with wonderful optics come in multi-colors and green for your viewing pleasure. Sakai’s Miniwand in teal is also a unique item.

Not to be outdone, also has an extensive collection of fine vintage kaleidoscopes in stock that are idea for collectors or even as gifts for those individuals for whom no one can ever find a gift. Take a look at our unique wooden or stained glass kaleidoscopes. Each is lovingly crafted and range far from the norm as thoughtful gifts. Choose from items crafted by artists such as Glen Staub whose Paragon features a six-point polarized cell encased in zebra wood and walnut, a stained glass two wheel handheld model by Bob Ade or the handmade three-wheel vintage model.

Kaleidoscopes to You Has a Unique Selection of Kaleidoscopes for Sale

One of the joys of our Kaleidoscopes To You store is helping people find the many different types of kaleidoscopes for sale. Not only will people find toy kaleidoscopes, appropriate for children of all ages, they’ll also discover many kaleidoscope models that are complete works of art. Here’s a sampling of some of our unique kaleidoscopes for sale:

” The Time Machine in white iridescent by artist Bob Rioux allows the viewer to view image with both eyes, through a time machine series. Can you imagine a more unique kaleidoscope experience?
Intertwined, by Randy and Shelley Knapp, features a non-traditional look with the kaleidoscope sitting on a wooden stand. This creative kaleidoscope features a double object chamber, allowing the colors to intertwine.
Three Mirror Time Fly in Bubinga by Henry Bergeson is another wooden kaleidoscope with maple accents and an oil-filled cell.
New Directions Kaleidoscope by Judith Paul and Tom Durden is a parlor piece in bronze that makes a distinct statement!
” Ideal for a nautical themed room, the Seashell Collector Kaleidoscope by Judith Paul and Tom Durden is displayed on a stand, featuring delicate seashells.
” The N&J 8-Inch Long Double Wheel Kaleidoscope is the perfect gift for every kaleidoscope lover!
” Designed by Ken and Dore Wilhoite, the Red Heart Ceramic Kaleidoscope features a two-mirror system with seven points of interior symmetry.

You can find these and many more kaleidoscopes for sale at

Introducing August’s Popular New Kaleidoscopes

There are many beautiful new kaleidoscopes for sale at Kaleidoscopes to You. The charm and enchantment of the intriguing devices can be used to provide a sophisticated gift to someone special. From kaleidoscope jewelry to wooden kaleidoscopes, the designs available are carefully crafted and completely captivating. Young and old alike will appreciate the beautiful surprises hidden within the spectacular pieces.

Kaleidoscope jewelry is a wonderful gift choice for a woman who loves things that are unusual. The math teacher or the artist will appreciate being able to wear her own special piece around her neck. The use of tiny crystals and high-quality lenses create stunning effects that will amaze the recipient of such a treasure.

Wooden kaleidoscopes provide unique home decor possibilities. Use a wooden piece as a housewarming gift for the sophisticated couple. Consider such a design as an office gift for an important business partner. The appeal of wooden casing makes such pieces particularly distinctive, and the beautiful effects of interior components are great for stress relief or simple entertainment.

New kaleidoscopes at Kaleidoscopes to You are always amazing. The artistic creativity of the designers provides wonderful variety, and collectors are sure to enjoy exploring the latest additions.

Kaleidoscopes To You – More Than Just Kaleidoscopes

When you think of Kaleidoscopes To You, kaleidoscopes naturally come to mind, but we’re much more than that. In addition to our large selection of kaleidoscopes, we also have a variety of other products. Of course, kaleidoscopes have always been our main passion, but when you browse you’ll see that there’s more than meets the eye.

Handmade Marbles: If you enjoyed playing marbles as a child then you’ll love our selection of stunning art glass marbles! Created by Fritz Lauenstein, lauded glass artist, these mesmerizing marbles will enchant you with their beautiful colors and patterns.

Wine Accessories: Designed by Vino Strumenti, all of our wooden wine accessories are handmade from high quality hardwoods. has all of your wine accessories, including wine stoppers, corkscrews, foil cutters, drip catchers, wine savers and even wine bottle holders!

Kinetic Art Mobiles: Decorate any room in your home with one of a kind Hotchkiss Mobiles. Designed by Joel Hotchkiss, these creative mobiles are made in the USA. They are pre-balanced, and are shipped ready to hang with easy directions.

Jewelry: Choose from a variety of jewelry by a number of popular designers, including fused art glass jewelry by Sue Roiux, dichroic glass jewelry pendants, and more!

You can see everything we have to offer at Don’t forget to follow Kaleidoscopes To You on Pinterest for one of a kind kaleidoscopes, artwork and more!

Introducing June’s Popular New Kaleidoscopes

The enchantment and wonder of childhood takes on new hues from the right perspective. Nearly everyone remembers the experience of looking through a kaleidoscope as a child, and that same view is now available with new kaleidoscopes for June 2013. There’s a perfect selection for every child and adult in your life with these high-quality kaleidoscopes that are built to last and be visually appealing.

Antique Feel with Wooden Kaleidoscopes – The original construction of these toys used an oil chamber, and you’ll find that same old-time design with the kaleidoscopes in this category. These handmade gems from Arny Weinstein, Glen Straub, Steve and Peggy Kittelson and other artists are built to last and add a touch of nostalgia to your home decor. Beyond the traditional hand-held designs, you’ll also find wooden kaleidoscopes with carved stands, brass trim and display stands.

Modern Attractions – Some artists have introduced radically different designs that are sure to add pleasure to a contemporary home and office decor. Cat lovers will enjoy the Kattitude stained glass kaleidoscope. Vintage ceramic pieces and modern takes on older reproductions are also available. Gloria Weeks offers new kaleidoscopes as jewelry with gold and silver elephants that is sure to draw attention and spark conversations amongst your friends!

You can find these and many more kaleidoscopes when you shop online at

Why Shop Here at

Summer is coming to a close in a few weeks, meaning school will also be starting up very soon. With that said, some kids get excited to see their friends and teachers again, while others may be more nervous starting a new school or grade. When your child is nervous to head back to school, you’ll do anything to make them feel a little better and take that unnecessary stress off their shoulders. So how exactly do you get them excited to head back to school? We suggest you try with a new back to school gift, such as a kids kaleidoscope from

A wonderful kaleidoscope is a great way to help your child get excited for the new school year. They’ll be excited to take their new toy kaleidoscope with them to class and recess. They can share the fun colors with their new friends and be the hit at show and tell or recess time. If your child is nervous for the school year, talk to them about picking out their very own kaleidoscope as a back to school gift. You can spend time together choosing the perfect one and waiting patiently for the mailman to bring it to the door. Visit for a wide selection of kaleidoscopes for sale, you’ll be sure to find the perfect for your child for back to school season!

How do you get your child excited to head back to school?

What’s New and Happening at Kaleidoscopes To You in March!

Here at Kaleidoscopes To You, we’re always delighted to see the new and different pieces of art that come to us!

We develop a new section each month just to highlight what came in. This section will have a mix of inexpensive toys and very high end, one of a kind pieces that even blow us away!

Here’s a quick overview of the What’s new for March 2012

Since it’s March, one must have a Green Kaleidoscope for Saint Patrick’s Day! So here’s one of the best!

Green Cone Kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos

Green Cone Kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos

Karadimos Green Cone Kaleidoscope at Kaleidoscopes To You

Watch the video at this link above to see the Amazing and Intricate Green Kaleidoscopic images. This one is better than a pot of gold!

Then also new for March, we have a fabulous new etched aluminum kaleidoscope. This has a sleek modern feel that makes for a fabulous corporate gift! Engraving onto a coordinating rosewood base is a great option too!

Aluminum Etched Kaleidoscope on engraved base

Aluminum Etched Kaleidoscope on engraved base

Etched Aluminum Kaleidoscope with Velvet Pouch

Etched Aluminum Kaleidoscope with Velvet Pouch

August 2011 What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You

Summertime may quiet and relaxing at times, but this August has been full of activity at Kaleidoscopes To You.

Each month we create a new section on our website that features new scopes or items that have arrived or been unearthed from a quiet corner here. This August, we have so much beautiful new items, it is hard to squeeze them into a short narrative here! Here’s a quick recap of 3 of the new pieces.

Most recent piece here is Cherry Blossom by Kittleson. We received #6 of the edition and it is absolutely extraordinary. The delicate sculpted Cherry Blossom inside. The fused and slumped Cherry Blossoms on the exterior barrel are so delicate and exquisite, I have writer’s block just trying to find words and adjectives to describe it. Thankfully, we have some YouTube video so you can watch and enjoy.

YouTube Video of Cherry Blossom Kaleidoscope by Kittlesons

Equally delicate and precise is the Bronze Hibiscus Kaleidoscope by Yasuko Nakazato. I hand picked a lovely kaleidoscope by Yasuko at the Brewster Kaleidoscope Convention and the image of it has been so popular, that we have reordered more than once this summer. Each kaleidoscope by Yasuko is just as spectacular as the one before it.



Wishes is a new kaleidoscope designed by Sue Rioux. Sue’s dichroic and fused glass creates all the components of a well engineered barrels. Then she adds the magic of dichroic glass into the mirror system. It’s as if you stuffed all of your Wishes inside this magical kaleidoscope.

Now, before you start thinking that all we do is play with kaleidoscopes, let me update you on our remodel! The warehouse is fabulous (especially with efficient insulation and central air conditioning!) and we are settling in and getting shelves organized and labeled. The old warehouse space is sealed, painted and getting scrubbed so the floor can be resealed. We are looking forward to having all of our workspaces within one collaboration space.

Karl and I are used to being at opposite ends of 2 joined buildings, so this could be interesting as I move about 20 feet away from his workspace.

Keep checking back to see the final offices as we have antique church stained glass windows that we are going to incorporate into this space.

And the summer temps have started to cool down and we are very dry here in North Iowa. School even started yesterday so autumn is right around the corner!